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 Exécution Ali Bhutto - Pakistan

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MessageSujet: Exécution Ali Bhutto - Pakistan   Mar 30 Déc 2008 - 12:03

Compte-rendu - récit - de l'exécution d'Ali Bhutto, premier ministre pakistanais des Années 70:

Un de ses juges Chaudry est l'actuel président de la cour supréme du Pakistan (Dieu garde tous les lecteurs d'y jamais e^tre jugé) et fu^t l'un des "tombeurs" du général Musharaf cette année.

Citation :

Official Notification of Mr. Bhutto's Execution


According to the orders, Bhutto Sahib was to be executed on the night of 3-4 April, 1979, in the presence of Inspector of Jails. Chaudhry Nazeer Akhtar - who was present at the Rawalpindi Jail since morning on April 3rd. A stretcher had been arranged keeping in view Mr. Bhutto’s physical condition because of the hunger strike that he had been on. Arrangements had been made for a few petromax lamps as the night was extremely dark and there were thick clouds on the horizon.

The following officials entered the security ward at 1:35 a.m:

1) - Jail Superintendent, Mr. Yar Mohammad
2) - Security Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Rafi-ud-Din
3) - Magistrate First Class, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Khan
4) - Jail Doctor, Mr. Sagheer Hussain Shah
5) – Deputy Superintendent Jail, Khawaja Ghulam Rasool

Assistant Superintendents of Jail Majeed Ahmed Qureshi, Kazim Hussain Baluch, Mahabat Khan and warders selected by the Jail Superintendent also followed the above mentioned officials up to the security ward. Inspector of Jails Chaudhry Nazeer Akhtar went straight to the gallows from his office. Additional army personnel had been deployed on the route from the security ward to the gallows.

The officials entered Mr. Bhutto’s cell. Bhutto Sahib was awake and was resting on the mattress. Magistrate Mr. Bashir Ahmad Khan asked him whether he wanted to leave any will. Bhutto Sahib remained quiet. He had turned yellow and pale and seemed very weak physically. His voice was barely audible because of weakness. He said something to the effect:

“I…had…tried…but…my… thoughts…were…so…upset…that…I& #8230;could…not…do…it…I…have&# 8230;burnt…it.”

I went near him and said as I bent over him, “Sir, are you able to walk or shall we pick you up?” He did not answer me, but kept looking into my eyes. I again repeated my question after a while. He kept on looking at me like that and then said, “I pity.” (He said something else also but we could not understand what it was).

I again leaned forward and told him that I could not understand what he said. He repeated the same sentence again but I could not comprehend the last one or two words. I bent fully upon him and said, “Excuse me Sir, but I did not understand what you said.”

After a pause and with a lot of effort he said, “I…pity…my…wife…left.”

He was in a very sad state at that time. May be what he wanted to say was that he could not walk but he also did not want to be carried. May be he was thinking that his wife could have given him support, had she been present.

The magistrate again came forward and asked him if he wanted to write a will. Bhutto Sahib remained quiet. The magistrate repeated his question. Bhutto Sahib replied, “Yes…I…would…like…to…dic tate.”

At that moment, the time was up and the jail superintendent ordered the head warder to call his men inside and to lift up Mr. Bhutto. Four warders entered the ward. Two of them grabbed Mr. Bhutto’s feet and two his arms, and lifted him up.

While he was being lifted, Mr. Bhutto said, “Leave me.”

Mr. Bhutto’s back was almost touching the floor while he was being brought out of the cell. The lower part of his shirt got entangled in the warder’s shoes and I heard the sound of the shirt being torn. He was put on the stretcher in the lawn. His hands were placed on his stomach and he was handcuffed. In the meanwhile, helper Abdur Rehman came with the cup of tea that Bhutto Sahib had ordered before we had entered his cell. I wondered: "on the other side of the Jail house’s wall, in the Prime Minister House, Mr. Bhutto used to get anything that he wished for, from anywhere in the world. And today he could not even fulfill his simple wish of having a cup of tea."

The four warders lifted the stretcher from each corner. Bhutto Sahib lifted his head but remained motionless otherwise. His feet were yellow as if all the blood had been sucked out of him. He remained motionless till we reached near the gallows. The warders put the stretcher down on the ground near the gallows. Two of the warders put their arms under Mr. Bhutto’s arm pits and helped him stand up on the plank of the gallows. I was the one closest to Mr. Bhutto. I was just keeping my feet away from the wooden plank of the gallows, but my ears were only a few feet away from his face. His handcuffs were removed, his hands and arms pushed to his back with a forceful jerk, and he was handcuffed again.

In the meanwhile Tara Masih (the executioner) came and placed a mask over his face. He was either having trouble breathing because of the mask or he was feeling pain because of the way his arms were twisted when he was handcuffed. He said, “These”. May be he wanted to say: " these are hurting me." I was very close to him. I had come so close to him, while avoiding the plank, that the distance between his face and my ears was not more than 1 or 2 feet. But I could not hear his last sentence.

At exactly 2:04 a.m. on 4th April, 1979, the executioner pressed the lever and Bhutto Sahib was executed. I climbed down the stairs to reach one level below to where Mr. Bhutto’s body was hanging. I saw that Mr. Bhutto’s body was moving slightly but that was because of the momentum of the body falling down. He was certainly dead at that time. I went and sat down near the Inspector of Jails on one of the chairs that had been placed near Mr. Bhutto’s hanging body.

The scene of Bhutto Sahib’s hanging body is something that I have never been able to forget. I shiver even now when I think of that moment again.

After a few minutes I saw someone moving Mr. Bhutto’s body. I asked Chaudhry Yar Mohammad who it was. Instead of him, IG Prisons spoke up and told me that it was Tara Masih and he was straightening the arms & the legs so that the body would not get twisted due to spasms.

Mr. Bhutto’s Burial

Half an hour after the hanging, and after the jail doctor had issued the death certificate, Bhutto Sahib’s hanging body was taken down at 2:35 a.m. His dead body was given a bath, the arrangements for which had already been made at the spot. A photographer, who had been sent by an intelligence agency, took some photographs of Mr. Bhutto (of Mr. Bhutto’s private parts, which the author also mentioned in an earlier chapter). The authorities wanted to confirm whether Mr. Bhutto had been circumcised in Islamic manner or not. After the photographs were taken, it was confirmed that he was circumcised in the Islamic way.

His body was then placed in a wooden casket and was sent towards Chaklala Airport. I also had to accompany Mr. Bhutto on this journey. I conducted this caravan to PAF Chaklala where a VIP C-130 was waiting for us. Bhutto Sahib’s casket was loaded on to the plane along with a few other boxes and the plane started its journey towards Jacobabad. While the plane was over Sakesar (which is near Mianwali), I was told that there was some technical fault and the plane had to be taken back to Rawalpindi where another plane would take us to Jacobabad.

Another C-130 was waiting for us at Chaklala. Bhutto Sahib’s casket was loaded onto the plane and we again started our journey towards Jacobabad. We landed at Jacobabad Airport on the morning of 4th April, a few minutes before 7 a.m. A helicopter was waiting for us. Commanding Officer of 7 Punjab Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Sadiq, received Bhutto Sahib’s casket from me, had it placed in the helicopter and then took off for Nau Dero. Mr. Bhutto was buried in a grave already dug for him in Garhi Khuda Baksh.

* Yahya Bakhtiar, was one of Mr. Bhutto’s lawyers
** Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, another of Mr. Bhutto’s lawyers.

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MessageSujet: Re: Exécution Ali Bhutto - Pakistan   Mar 30 Déc 2008 - 19:04

Bonsoir, Titus Pibrac !
Connaissant bien le Pakistan, que j'ai fréquenté pour mon travail de fin 79 à fin 2004, ai trouvé votre récit passionnant et émouvant,correspondant à ce que j'avais entendu de la part d'amis pakistanais sur place après la mort de Zia-Ul-Haq, qui fit pendre Bhutto...Ce dernier n'était toutefois pas un saint, et savait manier l'assassinat politique comme tous ses confrères de la région ! Par contre, êtes vous sûr que le juge Chaudry que vous citez soit l'actuel président de la Cour Suprême ? Benazir Bhutto, deux fois premier ministre, n'aurait sans doute pas laissé l'un des juges de son père poursuivre une belle carrière dans la magistrature...Le patronyme "Chaudry" est très répandu au Pakistan.
Pour votre information, la prison centrale de Rawalpindi, où Bhutto fut pendu, a été désaffectée immédiatement après, puis rasée d'ordre de Zia-Ul-Haq pour éviter les pèlerinages, le terrain est devenu un grand parc arboré, où les rassemblements de plus de 10 personnes étaient interdits, cette règle ne s'appliquant pas aux étrangers...
Bonne soirée.
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Monsieur de Paris

Nombre de messages : 647
Age : 51
Localisation : Italie, Venise
Emploi : Ingénieur
Date d'inscription : 23/05/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Exécution Ali Bhutto - Pakistan   Mer 31 Déc 2008 - 0:03

Bonsoir Pierrepoint.

Vous avez raison, le Chaudhry président de l'actuelle cour supre^me ne pouvait pas e^tre juge d'Ali Bhutto, puisqu'il avait seulement 31 ans lors du procès de ce dernier - trop jeune pour e^tre juge.

Apparemment il semble très légaliste, ayant jugé la Sharia inconstitutionnelle après son adoption dans les Northwest territories (où a priori pas grand chose n'a changé depuis Kim et Flashman).

Ci-joint sa biographie:

C'est quand me^me surprenant pour un juge de prendre des plaques d'immatriculation spéciales pour son auto familiale et de la baptiser ainsi "Razia 1" ... ou alors la razzia n'a pas le me^me sens là-bas qu'en Europe et au Maghreb.

J'ai manqué de peu aller au Pakistan en 2004 pour la Pivato, une société italienne de travaux publics de Montebelluna qui y a construit une route avec des sables laitiers de haut fourneau (brevet français du LCPC).

Il y a eu pas mal de gens de la DCN aussi à y aller.
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MessageSujet: Re: Exécution Ali Bhutto - Pakistan   

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Exécution Ali Bhutto - Pakistan
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